Insulated Feral Cat Shelters

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Two Shelters

Montclair, Essex County (N.J.) Pick-Up
Price: $80 each
Dimensions: 24" x 24" x 18" high

Available in two camouflage colors: These are the actual Benjamin Moore Colors >>  green   brown

Each insulated shelter is made of 2" thick hard construction foam. Air space is purposely limited, so there is less volume to be heated. Typically, 3 to 4 cats can fit comfortably inside. Shelter is caulked so rain and wind cannot get through. The floor is linoleum tiled for easy cleaning. The shelter is light yet durable. Straw bedding included.

This design built & used by Shelter Showcase TNR for eight years. Originally designed by


tipsheet A 'tip' sheet for shelter setup, and ongoing maintenance.





Q. I've properly placed the shelters, but the cats are not using it, even though it is cold out. How can I get the cats to use it?

  • Is the shelter in a safe secluded area, away from foot traffic? It should be for the cats to consider using it.
  • Take out half the straw supplied with the shelter. Once the cats begin using the shelter and trample the straw down, add the remaining straw back when they are not in the shelter.
  • Have a small trail of food that leads up to the entrance of the shelter
  • Use the supplied catnip, open the packet and sprinkle it in the entrance of the shelter

Q. I have Raccoons in the area, how do I keep them out of the shelters and how do I keep them away from the cats?

    These answers arecompiled from an experienced Feral Cat forum:

    • Never put food in the shelter!
    • Do not feed cats after 4:30 pm and do not leave food down at night.
    • What another person does is to put the food for the cats away from the shelters, as well as doing the above two points.
    • (note that the entrance to the shelter has been sized to let in cats, it's a bit tight for a raccoon.)