Homeless Animal Awareness Day 2002

Participating Groups


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Aunt Mary's Dog House Website

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Bloomingdale Animal Shelter Society Website

Scroll down to see their shelter pets doing agility!
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Elysian Enterprises, Inc  
The sponsor and founder of Shelter Showcase - "Upgrading the World, One Project at a Time"

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Ask the Experts: Katz & Dogs
Animal Hospital
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MetroFerret's Website

Orphaned Pets Website  

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PAWS Animal Shelter Website

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Pups 'N Suds

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Ramapo Bergen Animal Refuge Website
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Shelter Showcase - event organizer

Music in the Park 

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DJ Mikey

Agility with Bloomingdale Animal Shelter Society Dogs!

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Successful Adoptions

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Scout - an adopted guinea pig!:: Expand Image ::

Aunt Mary's Dog House Website

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Lance - he's now living happily at home with his new family!Expand ImageAunt Mary's Dog House Website
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Aunt Mary's Dog House Website ::

Isadora (a chihuahuaand her new mommy! 


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Dice found a loving home at the event!
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Aunt Mary's Dog House Website
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All of these kittens found homes!
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Simone loves his new home!

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Brad Pit
... sweet, active and already housebroken!  As of July 2003, Brad is STILL looking for a new home.  He is located at PAWS Animal Shelter.

Face Painting

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More fun pictures of the Event


If you have enjoyed this event and support the causes, please consider the following:

Adopt your next pet from a shelter or rescue group.

Spread the word about adopting and tell your friends about Petfinder.com when they are looking for their next pet.

Contact us if you would like to volunteer or foster a pet by emailing  beth@sheltershowcase.com or calling 973-812-7297

If you know a company that is looking for an honest computer consulting company, please recommend Elysian Enterprises, Inc.  The bigger our company grows, the more events we can organize and sponsor.  www.ElysianInc.com 

Digital photography courtesy of Tony Parodi and Orlando Rodriguez.

Homeless Animal Awareness Day 2001

Click here for pictures of the 2001 event - our first ever!