Shelter Showcase Expo at Liberty Science Center

Saturday and Sunday, May 21 – 22, 2005

Thanks to efforts of all of those involved in the Shelter Showcase Pet Adoption Expo, 51 homeless pets are now living happily with their new families! This includes an affectionate red-nosed pit from New York City's Animal Care and Control and a Golden Retriever with special medical needs named Shiloh was adopted at the event by his own foster family!

"It was the most amazing thing," said Linda Fritschy, a new Shelter Showcase volunteer. "It was really a great feeling seeing all those cats and dogs find new homes," said Andy Garfinkel. It was an “opportunity to network with other rescue groups and have exposure to the community,” said Carol Burrows from Friends of Bergen County Animal Shelter (FOCAS).

We would like to extend special thanks to all of our hard-working and dedicated volunteers, our incredible adoption partners and our loyal sponsors, including Best Friends Animal Society,, Milkbone, Animal Companion newspaper, News 12 New Jersey and Mary Kay cosmetics.

We thank the following sponsors:

Petfinder Best Friends

ASPCA Milk Bone Animal Companion